“In the fall of 2012 I found myself in a situation that many parents can relate to.  I was dissatisfied with my daughter’s first year club volleyball experience.  Relatively new to the sport and living in a small town, we didn’t have the advantage of older siblings who had played or being near a local club. I set out to find a club that would best benefit my child and her future playing experience.  

I searched club websites and fortunately the first one I called was Upstate Volleyball Club.  After speaking in detail with one of the directors, Amber Wiles, I felt like it was worth going to tryouts.  I spread the word to other parents from the same middle school and we all took our girls to tryouts.  During that first year, I found the club to be what we needed.  The most important factor was that Upstate Volleyball Club is a Christian-based organization and proved to promote sound moral values.  They also limit the number of teams they have so that each team receives priority coaching and direction.  

Director/Coach Greg Mosely quickly identified that my daughter was better suited as a defensive player instead of setting/hitting.  She received individual position training that she had not previously received at the other club.  Due to the training received, she proved to be a standout on her high school team, club team, and at volleyball camps.  We spent the next 5 years, through my daughter’s senior year, with Upstate Volleyball Club.

Along with her hard work and determination, we credit Coach Mosely and the UVC staff for her receiving a full academic/athletic scholarship to college.  We recommend Upstate Volleyball Club to anyone who is looking for a club that will meet all your volleyball needs.”

“Our daughter played for Upstate Volleyball Club for four years.  The coaching staff was incredible.  They used their expertise and dedication to prepare their players to perform at the highest level on the court whether they were serving, receiving, passing, setting or spiking the volleyball.  Because of its size, they are able to provide individualized instruction. Over the years at UVC, we watched our daughter develop as a volleyball player.  Her confidence level increased and she was able to use what she learned during her club season for her high school volleyball team.  In other words, our experience at Upstate Volleyball Club was great!”

“My daughter started with UVC when she was 12.  She could not get a serve over the net. She was the middle school player that sat the bench and was only put in the game when there was no possible way we could lose.  At the end of her 7th grade year, I put her in Upstate’s summer workout program, which was 24 sessions. When she went back to school in August, not only was she a starter, she was a star player. They taught her, if you can do something right one time, then you can do it right a second time, and the hundredth time.  Growing a player isn’t only physical, it’s growing them to be mature in every aspect of their life.  ALL of the coaches/trainers/staff had an extremely positive effect on my daughter personally, physically, and spiritually.”

“My daughter starting playing with Upstate Volleyball Club three years ago.  She needed a club that would help her get to the next level in volleyball.  Upstate Volleyball Club worked with her and she has grown as a volleyball player and as a person since thanks to their dedication to the players on and off the court.  My child went from unsure and nervous on the volleyball court to confident and proficient during the past three years. Her improvement was greater in one year with UVC than the previous two years with another local club. UVC works with girls at all levels and each girl has access to the same coaching resources regardless of the team they are placed on.  The coaches work with the girls on a personal level in regards to life skills as well as volleyball skills.  We are thankful for UVC and the difference they have made in our daughter’s life.”

“Both of our daughters took to volleyball very naturally, and quickly developed their skills by playing school and club ball. A family friend mentioned Upstate Volleyball to us and how impressed they were with the holistic program which embraced teamwork, fitness & endurance as well as the technical aspects and skills. We decided to join Upstate and are very glad we did. What we had heard turned out to be a reality for our girls. They quickly grew in all aspects of the game and adopted the high grade work ethic that Greg and his team practiced. This has not only helped our kids on court, but has also become a bonus off court. Our girls have learned a lot about themselves through the Upstate program but they have also learned how to tough it out, physically and mentally. For a child to develop in all aspects of the game, we will always recommend Upstate Volleyball.”

 We have found Upstate Volleyball Club to be the ideal place for specialized advanced volleyball instruction for our daughter.  Not only are the coaches among the most knowledgeable in the area but they are wonderful Christian role models for our daughter.  Not only is she a stronger player on the court, she is spiritually stronger as well!

Our daughter has loved participating in Upstate Volleyball Club for the past two years.  When she started, she wasn’t able to serve the ball over the net or play well with a group.  She hardly knew anything about volleyball.  The Upstate Volleyball coaches worked with her at her level and quickly pulled her forward.  She went from sitting the bench for school volleyball to playing a good bit.  We are thankful for the Christian coaches and their dedicated work with her.

 2010-2011 was our first season with Upstate Volleyball. My husband and I were very impressed with the one on one coaching, the personal interest for each player to improve, and the Christian atmosphere.